Gail Condrick.Welcome to GaelaVisions!

I am Gail Condrick, an international Nia Technique faculty member and trainer, Black Belt teacher, and Caroline Myss Archetypal coach offering classes, workshops, teacher training, Women’s Wisdom Weekend Retreats, and coaching for individuals and businesses in Anna Maria, Longboat Key, Sarasota, Bradenton, Florida and Beyond!

As a television executive and government leader for 30 years, I learned to communicate, collaborate, and inspire creative professionals to reach for the stars. I STILL DO . . .

Now I am in my Second Act, creating a new life.

I blend the concepts of creativity, leadership and living your highest potential with Nia creative movement and archetypal coaching to create a new plan for you and your organization.

My classes, workshops, and trainings are designed for writers, artists, teachers, communicators, and community leaders. You’ll learn how to release your creativity, confidence, and awareness to find balance in your body and your life.

Ready for your Next Act? Join me to find your unique voice and use movement to enhance getting into and living in your body.

I LOVE spring!  I feel as if I bloom again every April.  Even living in the daily beauty of Florida, I feel a stirring, a need for my inner seed soul to blossom, and reach to the sun in the spring.  Maybe you do too?

This season I am partnering with AMAZING women to bring you our best.  As teachers we have SO MUCH TO SHARE and YOU give us/me the opportunity to do just that. Please join us at Nia classes, White Belt trainings, energizing retreats or in private sessions from April through August.

Interested? Email me to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone consult, to see what I can do for you or your organization.

OR Take my transformation quiz and see if YOU are ready for YOUR OWN TRANSFORMATION in Florida and BEYOND!

Read all about my current group offerings and speaking engagements on my events page.

Let’s grow together,


Gail Condrick.